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Who was Jesus?

Jesus of Nazareth is no myth. He was a real person who lived in the first century. Historians agree that the existence of Jesus is not in doubt. His life is recorded by both Jewish and Roman writers, as well as in the narrative we have in the four Gospel accounts.

Jesus was born in an insignificant village and grew up in another, working as a carpenter. At the age of 30, He became a wandering preacher and teacher. He never strove for power.

After three years of ministry, when people flocked to listen to Him and be with Him, His friends deserted Him and He was killed as a common criminal, nailed to a cross. This one short life, of a man who travelled no more than a few days’ walk from the place where He grew up, has affected more people than any other in the history of the human race.

Uncountable millions believe that Jesus, the Son of God, rose from the dead and is with us always. His defeat of the power of death changed the world forever.