St Anselm's

Hatch End

Who are we?

Human beings are spiritual people.

Since the dawn of time mankind has searched for meaning to life, built temples and looked for something greater than and outside himself. We are created in the image and likeness of God, a God who loved his creation so much that he came into the world in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ.

We are all individuals and in our uniqueness we are able to experience a personal relationship with God. God loves us unconditionally, and nothing we do, or don’t do, can affect this. Although we can abandon him, he will never abandon us.

We can meet and experience God in the power and majesty of nature, in the wonder and complexity of life, through prayer and in our own human relationships – all of us have the spark of God inside us. Most especially, we can know God through his Son, Jesus Christ: “the human face of God”, for we are all children of God.