St Anselm's

Hatch End

Our life is a journey

Many Christians describe their relationship with God as a journey. The journey begins with Baptism, that first commitment to a life with God. Christians move through life acknowledging God is with them during good and bad times.

The individual Christian’s relationship with God is affected by what happens in life, but Christians can always turn to God, whatever may come their way. The Christian community provides support all through life, not just for the Baptism of a young child or a marriage or a funeral, but at all times through the regular pattern of services, through prayer and through the social life of the Parish.

The Christian’s journey can be just as difficult, as complex and as fraught with problems as anybody else’s, but Christians travel with God, with Jesus at their side and with the support of fellow Christians.

There are times in life’s journey when people need someone to turn to – perhaps a doctor or a close friend – but there can be times when there is a need to talk to someone about what is going on spiritually. It may be at a time of crisis, perhaps when a loved one is ill or dies.

The Vicar may be able to help. Sharing problems and crises with people who have a Christian approach can strengthen and uphold.