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Thy Kingdom Come – 2023

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We are now in the final few days of Eastertide and we celebrate Christ’s return to the Father at the Ascension.  In the gospel reading Jesus commissions his disciples to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’.  That the Christian community not only exists, but spans the world and the last 2,000 years reminds us that the disciples took this commission seriously.  After their Lord left them, they travelled, preached, taught, ministered and in many cases died for their Lord and their faith.  

They did not do this alone and under their own steam, though.  Their lives were transformed by the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus to all those who follow him.  The Spirit supports, guides and provides for us, bringing all kinds of gifts into our lives to transform us too.  That we celebrate on the great feast of Pentecost.

Between Ascension Day and Pentecost we are called to pray each day alongside Christians across the world in the global prayer initiative ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.  As in each of the last few years, we are taking part in this as a parish.  Each day short prayers are being made available below and on our YouTube channel that you can use at any time during the day to focus your prayer life during these ten days.

All you need to do is put aside something less than ten minutes each day, sit quietly and follow the prayers provided.  There is a psalm, a short reading, some intercessions and then a time of silence for you to bring to mind the things, places and people who might be on your hearts and in your minds at this time.  The prayers end with the Lord’s Prayer and a special prayer for Thy Kingdom Come.

Daily Prayers

19th May 2023
Friday after Ascension
20th May 2023
Saturday after Ascension
21st May 2023
Ascension Sunday
Mass – 8am and 10am
22nd May 2023
Monday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
23rd May 2023
Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
24th May 2023
Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
25th May 2023
Thursday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
26th May 2023
Friday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
27th May 2023
Saturday of the Seventh Week of Eastertide
28th May 2023
Mass – 8am and 10am